lets try this again.

Midnight 1hr: So immdietley after throwing up, you feel tired but relieved and less heavy, you no longer feel stressed and out of control but you feel epty, and kinda tired. You’re also really dehydrated which reflects in the number on the scale but you don’t care because you’re a kilo lighter than usual. after sitting down and doing something midless you’ll sleep easy tonight.

8am 9 hrs: you’ve just woken up and you feel like shit, your so heavy and you have no energy but you know why that is so your not too concerned. you start you day by forcing down a glass of water to try and rehydrate and have a coffee to try and perk up a bit and dread the day that lies ahead, starting with the mess you made last night. How am I supposed to remove an entire huge garbage bag of food from my car without people noticing anyway? you also consider stretching or some light exercise so you feel relatively good about yourself and not too depressed and shit and it will get the blood flowing in anycase. you compile a list of things you should or need to do today.

  1. get rubbish out of car lol too bad theres now a fuckload more  of it
  2. buy some food for today and tomorrow and petrol
  3. do a rough draft of legal writing, its due in 6 days ffsget FUCKING ONTO IT. handed this shit in too late now
  4. redo the torts answers
  5. redo the crim prac exam. only took me til Monday- “a big improvement and no further comments… cheers cunt?
  6. attempt the tort prac exam
  7. vacumm
  8. sort clean clothes from dirty
  9. shave privates and legs
  10. find an outfit to wear tonight.

food list

  1. spinach frozen $1
  2. carrots $1
  3. bananas $2
  4. eggs $2.6
  5. lettuce or cucmber $1.5
  6. fish(canned) $2.20 1.50
  7. chickpeas $1
  8. meal replacement* 2 $4 $2
  9. long life milk 1
  10. blueberries! 3.29

actually I am that nuts better just by food for today. wish me luck


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