country living sucks!


hello been a while since i have been on here but i suppsoe i will get back into it to get things off my chest.

work is crummy i dont like being there anymore when i used to at the very least just feel indifferent about it.

now onto country living. in reality it wasnt exactly my own fault it was the combination of the dodgy agent and my desperation to buy and the seelers desperation to sell. now i have read a few fantastic blogs on the issue and ebvery single thing that they said both 100% rang true. now some people might absolutley love country life and all credit to them but as a 24 yr old single woman that is probably a little more career rather than family focused i can assure you that it is absolutley not for me and i havenever been so miserable in my own life.

now here are the things that I personally find good about living out semi bush or as i like to sarcastically call it to my friends and family, bum fuck nowhere.

  1. the air is really super fresh.
  2. there is almost always no traffic and always possible to find parking most places that i go unles there is an event on.
  3. you get good value for money in your property. i have a 2 bedroom unit with a large backyard and a lock up garage as well as space to park an extra car and a front porch and back porch and seperate toilet and laundry. this is a good suburb would be triple the cost. or for the same money i will be getting a one bedroom unit with a bathroom/laundry and a living/dining and a marked space on the concrete for my car.
  4. bils are a little bit lower sometimes becasue it is considered rural
  5. you dont need a security system becasue of all of the stciky nose neighbours



  1. No one there mind there own business. I feel like i am living in the most gossipy place in the entire world, i think it is because they have nothing better to do.
  2. you have to drive so far to get anywhere and it really drives your travel costs up quite massivley. it has caused me to struggle finncially becasue i am just spending such ridiculous amounts on petrol, its also tiring to travel so mcu.
  3. i feel that my future would be non existent out here becasue i am quite a career and modern idea acceptnce type of person. i feel miserable becasue there would seriously be no hope for me to get anywhere if i remained in the area as i am not interested in the house wife mum or boring basic entry level low paid jobs which i expect i would only get ifi had friends in the area.
  4. there is nothing to do, the closet yoga/dance/martial arts class is at least 20 km away and thekinds that i like to do re more like 40km away.
  5. there is nothing to look at, i can literally power walk my entire suburb in 45 minutes it is so unexciting and uninspiring.
  6. everyone no everyone you actually cant mind your own business and they all want to be best friends and im like leave me the fuck alone i dont want to be friends with you.
  7. there is alot morre gross bugs everywhere.
  8. the police are so bored and given they are less minoritys they pick on young people, a category that i apparently fit into.
  9. i have never felt so depressed in my life
  10. i have had to temporily give up on my education becasue the travel was actually literally impossible.
  11. the kind of people that i would date quite simply dont live in the area, i like proffessionals that are going somewhere in there careers, you know the corporate types with money.




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