unleashed the beast

ROARRRR stalkers make me so mad! and not to mention with my cut down of sugar and vomit there will be a whole new level of energy and rage raised. imagine someone staring at you everytime you go to your car- made a half hearted mental not and was fairly short and sharp with him everytime I saw him. then the creepy fuckwit has the nerve to workout where your room is and try to see up into your window by using one one the kitchens where if you stand with your face pressed against the glass you can almost see in.

honeslty I think he got off lightly by me telling him he’s a creep and I have seen him watching me and I want him to stay away form me. fucking creep, hopefully those words where understandable to his german or Swedish ears.

so nayway now my exams are over decided to atrtemtpt to vut down and quit sugar again and also stop vomiting quite so much. cnat afford it anymore anyway- I knew the day would come.

breakfast today was

1 bokchoy and 1 carrot and a coffee

brunch was

3 eggs and a coffee with about a serve of icecream,

need a small fix so I don’t go nuts, and I officially have 12 hours and 13 minutes to get through to make my non vomit day of 24 hours, think I might have to just stay in bed all day to stop myself. im not feeling it yet but I give it to about2pm in the afternoon and I think a truck might as well hit me.


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