pre exam

argh I feel so sick I have been shitting myself all morning and literally as well. doesn’t help 1 got a 200 speeding fine yesterday as well and am not sure if my rego was meant to be paid by yesterday or by the day before yesterday. I am just trading in rego and quitting my job to pay for it if so. dumb revenue raising cunts. if they do that and I quit they lose 100 a week in tax, 300 a week that I will claim in government benefits, 100 a week as to the cost of me running my car every year and 5000 more that I spend on doing my jobme -1, government-35. I win.

I cant think for my exam I have quite a few prepared responses and am praying praying to god they will be the same questions

I also want to drive to the tram stop but don’t know if the vicroads payment has gne through yet.


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