fail whale!

So stupid me noticed yesterday that my lecturer was carrying asuitcase and left the lec early and later ofnud he was passing the assignments back, to which I was later advised 20% of the students failed. including my friend. I know I didn’t fail but I need to know what my grade equated to. I personally think I deserve like 85% especially since a girl that got 100% the previous year assisted me but I expect I will probably get 65to75%.

note on the friend that failed though, I had a look at her assignment and it was just awful.I didn’t even want to read it, I think the grader felt the same way, it was presented poorly and the information was based on the comments of a police officer, whos obviously going to get a totally different point of view to the lecturer or even a lawyer, she didn’t structure it the way he wanted at all and dispose of the fact he said you didn’t need a bibliography, I worked too hard and it was an esy way to prove I had adequately researched the topic. he wasn’t marking though. my friend is definitely going to dropping out, she’s completed 7 subjects and at this rate I expect she will have failed 4 of them because the other lecturer is also known to be very harsh with marks

he didn’t email me the score as he said he would either so I know either have to go in tomorrow or wait until Monday. frustration!! I also want to know how my score in the other assignment will be communicated because I later noticed a few really embarrassing grammatical mistakes that neither of us could be bothered omitting and because the other person submitted it and not me, though I feel like our work was of considerably higher calibre than the example, tohugh more gereralistically applied which I think we will be marked down quite harshly for. again I expect we deserve in excess of 80% though I expect we might receive somewhere in the mid to high 70″s curtesy of the fact that the person I was working with was sucking up the ass of the teacher.


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