booked the dentist, no money for food

So I ended up getting the appointment I needed for he dentist. after I managed to self treat my gingivitis, had I not been to the dentist in 10 months and also have bulimia I would have just cancelled. however I now have a food budget of $9 for the next 96 hours.

I have enough milk and coffee for the next few days. I made 5 serves of brown rice and beans and will probably buy a bag of vegies to mix in. but that leaves at least 6 more meals out of 11.

I’ve already been eating someone elses multigrain bread in the public kitchen as well. :/

I checked a $2 a day living challenge for charity, it dsaid white bread gives you breaky for a week- im allergic to white bread- my body reacts really badly to it. then suggested eggs, I was going to buy a 400g can of salmon and divvy it up but I guess the extra 40c for 12 eggs isn’t a bad idea, that’s 3 eggs a day afterall. and frozen veg. I was going t buy a bag of carrots but I think I can get a $2 bag of frozen veg. therwise I have a bag of pasta in my car, maybe I can buy a can of soup to substitute the sauce. Oh and I have a can of lentils yay!. that’s only 5 meaals I don’t have and im pretty sure I have a lot of flavoured tea.

tomato soup 80c

bag vegies $2.00

eggs $2.59 (Aldis) = $5.40.

I should just go on a water fast, not like I have any food to tempt me anyway. need a good ol waterfast.


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