i’m a mess

I have been for the past few weeks and I haven’t been to yoga in as long, it takes like 3 hours out of my day. I am so stressed with my assignments and exams.

well one in particular, I expect I reasonably passed one and did quite well on another but the third I wasmeant to collaborate with someone on and fuck finally caught him on Wednesday though I have still yet to a response and it is weighted 50%. he better do his bit I expect the exam is going to be hard and that means I need a good grade on this assignment.

omg I haven’t even listened to the lec in my third subject this week which I have been ignoring for the most part. fuck. it seems like an easy subject anyway why I haven’t taken it too seriously.

so I have to listen to 4 hours worth oof lectures, finish summarising the last ten pages of another lecture, continue to find relevant applicable information to my assignment, probably have regard for another of my assignments, do 2 lots of this weeks tutorial questions which takes approximately 3-4 hours of focus per week of questions and start preparing notes and responses to the upcoming exams, and really go through the subject I am struggling with in great detail so I at the very least have an understanding of how to do the exam qestions.

listen to tort lec

listen to writing lec

do w 9 tort q

do w 9 crim q

finish summarising crim

review torts answers

review appropriate in for for torts

and get through a gross night of stripping tonight. and I had diarea all day which is fair enough since I ate $40 worth of food in the last 12 hours including 4 bananas and strawberries and apples and a kilo of wafers and half a kilo of chocolate and white bread and corned beef it is awful, it made me sick, I think it is just dog food relabelled.

if I feel like binging tomorrow im forcing mslef back to bed cannotdeal anymore. and I have to be awake for like 12 more hours fml.


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