Hello, no particular topic of focus today

I am however going to make my best attempt not to publish this until it is grammatically correct and there are no spelling errors due to my spelling.

I keep meaning and I have not managed to do this yet, to go through my night and create an entire dialogue, I would love to publish it and state ok I am a (house girl)* stripper

On Friday when he came to visit my best guy friend suddenly blurted do you want to go to dinner next Thursday. I am still unsure if he was actually asking me for a date and to be quite frank I don’t want to because he offered to buy me a university jumper for Christmas and I don’t want to turn down a free dinner that isn’t my average rushed cooking, and a free jumper! He’s the kind of guy I would marry til I was like in my early thirties seeing as he doesn’t have a lot of money but his family does and they are traditional wogs which is alright. He has put up with several of my temper tantrums and seems to be a total pushover. i’m not really physically attracted to him, he’s shirt- like my height and he smells funny, like seriously does mum wash your clothes and do you not like a cologne or something? come on everyone knows your smell seriously influences the level of attractiveness. I mean he’s 25 and hes only got enough money to pay for a new car, I’ve got a 33-66% deposit on a house ffs.

I like rich, business smart but not smarter than me sort of guys. and better if the are 5’8 plus, not into drugs, employed or in business and definitely 100% able to support me if need be, not to mention willing to do so. he’d only win on if he gets a full time job and I know he would treat me well. though I suspect there would be infidelity on my part because im just really not attracted to him.

Funny story actually, he went to a hooker because when I found out he was still a virgin I told him he was going to be the next 40yr old virgin, he was all defensive like well I couldn’t ask you. Oh let me tell you there would need to be a lot more presents and substantial time frame of friendship before he got any pity sex out of me. I wonder if I could boss him around, he is eager to please after all. (oh my god what is coming out of my brain)! I like someone else anyway- my best mate facebook buddy from uni.

house girl stripper: is one of the girls who has consistently been at the club a lot longer than the other girls who go through, she is generally a bit older, she can get away with a lot more like extras, letting standards slip, breaking a few rules, or in my case I only work 2 nights when everyone is meant to work 3 and this is because she is amazing at what she does when she makes the effort and importantly she attracts the regulars and generates money for the club and is also consistent in her shifts. she is genrally standoffish to new girls and honestly I personally am like this because at least 100 girls come through the club every year, I could only count about 5 long long term stayers.(long term for my place is like over 1 year).


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