more stalkers!

Dunno why the police keep following me. yes I am going to scoff timtams on my way home at 4am its not illegal to eat and drive I checked. and the traffic is bad inbound to the city it is the only time where I can paint my nails and they will dry before I get distracted. and pre sure I will notice you and drive like a model driver til you fuck off again so quit wasting your time!

oh and the couple who followed me to the late night supermarket where I parked and stared at them and they excitedly declared they where stalking me. then offered for me to come over and have a ciggarrette. fucking creeps considering they left the club over an hour prior. either they where having sex or waiting for me. I suspect they where waiting for me since they asked if I would come back with them earlier in the evening.

NOTE POTENTIAL EVENTUAL READERS. Don’t follow people in your car no matter who you are or who they are. its creepy and they could be a psycho with a weapon, then who’s in trouble. you where warned.


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