Do i like being a stripper

You know what that is actually a valid question.
there is a certain level of satisfaction that iget from being the centre of attention. I lve the fac tthat the amoun t of money that I make is based on the amount of effort that I put into the work that I do. I love having 50 people stare at me when I am performing on stage and I like te music and I am feeling the energy of the place.

I like the fact that I have a job that values girls who are attractive and put a lot of effort into their appearance. I remember once thinking to myself that looking hot realistically is a full time job, you have to work out several hours a week if not a day. and all the time that is spent waxing, tweezing, tanning,dying and meticulously putting on makeup and painting you nails, face a skin is no mean feat.

Its a confidence booster escpeially when you get a high roller that is smitten with you.

it is also quite a profitable job for a young adult lady like myself, the paycheck isn’t that of a ceo which I am actually rather disappointed about but it beats a $15 per hour receptionist or waitress wage and it even beats a 21 high profile company sales or admin job. I mean realistically its shit that I have to live off 1000 per week at themoment from my 2 nights of work at the club and once I spend money on transport and housefees and tax its considerably less but that still beats the 100-300 that I would otherwise be getting from a normal job. like my new brand watch or 100 boots wouldn’t have even been a consideration if I wasn’t a stripper.

I got hit on by the manager of security in a very well known huge hotel in my main city last night. đŸ˜‰


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