insane headache

no sure if I overdid it big time or if im sick so the effects are hitting me harder but every time I vomit or concentrate on tensing any part of my body or jerk my head my front lobe hurts sooooo much. I have never experienced this. im a bit worried.

I guess im going to start making changes now. I did ok before- I only spent $20.50 on food and lunch and a beanie. I usully waste like 70 between 3am and 3pm on Saturday, so far we are only at about $34.

So apart from the obvious- I have to suffer through work tonight I thought why cant I change right now. no more binging pr bying excess food I can replace that behaviour with all the reading I have to do, my head may still hurt but I sus[ect it wont be as bad. I feel like I need to throw all my clothes away and I need a fresh start.

so tomorrow I am going to go straight home, maybe eat a banana and a chicken wrap and get petrol if I absolutely must then I am going o sleep by 4am not 5am then I am going to hve a shower and do some homework and go to bikram yin yoga.

life consumption

stripping,24hours law school 30hours, eating and vomiting28hours, facebook14hrs, youtube14, boyfriends12hours, appearance3, sleeping42, stressing, exercising7. friends1, cleaning1, meal prepping2. ok we are way over so there is clearly an overlap but remove vomiting and I have 18 additional hours- yay more than 6 hours sleep a night.


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