binge eating bulimia attack

I have got to wonder whether this insanity happens to anyone else.

so it might have begun last night, I was consumed by stress and thought I might spend some of my left over $ on some junk which I knew I was going to chuck, went for a wander through the quiet local supermarket at about 7.30, started to eat the said junk, proceeded to a fast food restaurant and ordered a couple of my favourite burgers, then as I was eating I also went to a supermarket on the other side of town that I hadn’t visited for a while and was greeted with a special on donuts which I snapped up and bought some more chocolate.

I then went back to the public carpark where I live, parked where I hoped was insuspicious up the back and ate until I could barely move, there was no way I could head my way down to the public toilet near reception so I just threw up in the plastic bags in my car. I then slept for 9 hours and was so exhausted that I slept for another 3 hours today.

I am so sick of doing this and wasting money and time on it yet I cant stop. please help.


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