why do we do these things

I wish I could tell you how or why I just spent $32 the majority of which was on junk food. all the worst you could imagine as well- chocolate, gourmet icecream, cinnamon donut, hj burgers, gourmet chocolate. and how I was so full I couldn’t even eat the last 5 donuts let alone move to leave my car to get to the nearest public toilet- probably about 500m away to vomit and was therefore forced to either be in considerable physical pain or throw up into the icecream tub and then the plastic bags in my car which I will have to try and get up super early to quietly and inconspicuously dump tomorrow.

I think I am still upset about the creep who was blatantly following me on Saturday morning and I am upset about management changes at work and that its going to be almost impossible for me to get time off. not to mention my school workload is almost enough to look at and want to jump on a plane to san remo and never come back.

I think I am still quite full, wouldn’t surprise me I ate quite a phenomenal amount. wonder what the scale will say. I have a headache right in my middle front lobe- bit odd it usually sticks to one side or the other. better get more water anyway.


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