stripper/ student life

You know your deep in the industry when your happy to go on a date with a 44 year old.- i’ll be honest I prefer men in there late thirties and early forties, the ones in there 20 just don’t seem to know how to treat me, the older ones have a bit more stability and money and seem to have more of a sense of been there/ done that, not gonna do that and are more appreciative.

I had to go out to lunch twice this week and dinner once. that just proves how shit my weekend was. 3 free meals. im like an undercover homeless poor person.

I did enjoy lunch discussions with my chinese friend though I was a little disheartened I couldn’t really match his discussions on his new business that he is barley touching and is turning over a phenomenal amount of money and also don’t think I am going to take up on his advice to take a certificiate 3 in finance- they are such a waste of time.

im not sure what is going on with my mum. she gave me a big lump sum that I doubt she could afford and then bought me lunch and food for my dinner and fruit and then some stuff for related to kitchenware. all I gave her was a tour of where I was living and the surrounding suburb and park I like to go to and shopping centre and a cup of tea.

im going out to dinner tonight. im a bit iffy. but I could use a free dinner especially considering my other rich male friend cancelled on me the last 3 nights in a row. plus I wanted to go out the last 2 weeks and people have kept cancelling on me. oh well lets see other option is to sit at home by myself and be miserable


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