eating other peoples food

ok this has actually gotten me in trouble in almost every living situation that I have ever lived in,

so ere is the recent scenario, there was a block of chocolate half eaten so I picked off a few bits here and there over 2 weeks and eventually finished it, replaced it the next day- pretty sure they where aware but nothing was mention. then I ate the one I replaced albeit in the same manner over the course of a week, I intended to replace it but then ate the replacement block before it made it back to the fridge and so left it for a few days as I was suffering stress and wanted to be directly approached so I could  tell them i would replace it and pysichally hand it too them and ask they not leave the chocolate in the fridge as I could garuantee I would eat it again.

the new full- I might ad block is in the fridge, nothing has been mentioned but they have now labelled all of their food, which is mostly boring stuff like vegies and chicken which I have seen in the fridge but don’t really bother touching as far as I can recall I also leave in the communal fridge but don’t bother labelling- for example I have a bok choy, a few oranges a small bag of carrots and a bag of lettuce oh and milk nd rasberries, none of which I have bothered to lable.

im wondering if this is an indirect fuck off and don’t touch my food.


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