mental breakdown

Omg I am having a mental breakdown while sitting in the public local library and the guy behind me can probably read this or maybe he cant because he appears to bequite old.

I have so much work. judging cases v courting public opinion. judging cases vs courting public opinion, all I need to do is focus and log into the data base and look up the journal article.

here is so much work I am scared to even comprehend it. the knowledge isn’t even the first half of it. backing up the arguments and the evidenceing and strctuing to their stupid standards is. I aactually decided based on the marking rubric where outstanding pretty much requires to do an entirelydiffernet assignment obviously completelty what is beyond of the required scope I might as well just settle into my writing style and come up with my own conclusions. so long as it is sited then they really cant penalise me and that appears to be what is required to get a better grade, oh yeah and there isalso the stupid fucking referencing,. I didn’t even intende to start working on the essay for this assignment wither. I decided to treat it as a take home exam so I suppose that is what I am working on now though realisticly there is another subject that I have decide to require that I have as many case scenarios and extremely comprehensive exremlety easily accessible notes because I know that the minute I walk into that exam and look at the first question I am going to panic so if I already have asa question that is of a similar nature then I can just refer to it. the paper is already sticky note overload- youd think I have a fetish for them. oi don’t think I do im just trying to make the notes user friendly. I think I am on board reasonabley for onew of my other subjects- admittedly I keep going back and elaborating on hat particular subjuecty becase the content deleivery over the smester was the clearest as for my last subject I don’t particulary even know what to expect. I know ive gotten about 24.5/40 marks for the unit so far so as long as I am on par with at least half of the content in the exam I should be ok, though thses guys don’t appear to have left me much to think with in accordanceto what the hell am I supposed to write or know. I was even told by the tutor don’t bother looking at the prior years exams as we like to change them up every year. I did find supplementary exams where similar for the last few yearsso if I prepare responses to what I found in those the found in that then I should be ok.


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