what can one achieve (part 1)

Look to be honest I think that f I put my mind to it it would be incredibly scary as to what I could achieve if given a year. I have achieved many insane feats even though a lot of them took me years. there was the impossible weight and waist/figure measurements that I obtained and maintained for a very long time. I became a stripper after years of wondering what it would involve. I became one of the top dancers and a decent hustler and money earner within the club after just months of working. there where those budgeting skills which no one else in the whole world would have been able to stick too. man I sacrificed so much social time for that. I became amazing at pretty much everything I became obsessed with. If it was considered a skill I became a top bulimic and anorexic as well.

I guess I should start with what I would like to achieve.

I would like to reamin as hot as possible. really over telling people that  they should not be complimenting me and declaring I am a ten/ten. I am best an 8.5 when done up.

– need to up the bra size to 10.d,(34D) down the waist measurement to 21 inches. maintain the thoigghs and ass 31-33 and 18-19inches respectively. hovwer do need to remove the insane amount of cellulite on them which means that I will be engaging a large amount of yoga.

may want to consider permanent ipl on legs, armpits and vagina

definite teeth whitening and possibly eventual reshaping on the cards, once a little more affluent look into installing diamond into tooth.


– pap smear, change diet in attempt to combat large amount of lethargy, dental check up desperate, need to also learn to eat better in attempt to combat what may be minor ibs and possible arrange some kind of skin cleansing facial.


I would also like the following. awesome amazing blonde hair extensions and for someone to dye my hair blonde and it actually look blonde with just enough brown lowlights to hide or at the very least not exaggerate the amount of regrowth that will come though. I also was my thirds, an industrial and a Christina before I turn 23.

an obvioudsly I need gold jewellery like quality gold jewellery and and diamonds to complement all of these.

Spiritually: I really fee lthat I need need to engage as fully as wholly as I possibly can into kundalini meditation and possibly any other chakra affliated mediation. it can be my new relgion or religious equivalent as far as I am concerned.

socially. this is going to be an ongoing issue but I think I have some friends so I guess I am really just going to have to learn how to make the effort to have them and also desperately engage in some hobbies aso that I have actuall things to talk aobut not related to food and my issues with it and how much I secretly hate it because it is slowly destryong my life. it would also be awesome if the said friends did not drink and smoke but still oiked to go out and do crazy shit.

I really want my Nissan 300zx. I just need to hold onto my licence for the next 10 months and then it will be given to me and then I can happly cheerfully legally drive one of the beautiful beasts. funnily enough I actually parked next to one recently not only is it lower than my carit is also shorter and slimmer.

I kinda also really want that apartment in sunshine even though sunshine isn’t a great area according to my accountant. I only need like 40000. if any rich guy is reading this secretly hinthint hint!! or you could just buy me a decent apartment in a decent location.


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