what can i achieve (part 2)

it is most likely in my best interest to get good scores on my degree exams and papers.

apart form this I definitely need to immerse myself in the culture of the university and enage in at the very least one extra ciricular activity as well as make shure I go to as many extra seminars as I possibly can and go to things like there balls and open nights.

I also think now is the time to learn either Italian, Japanese or Chinese.

should proably alo buy some gold and shares.\

I do also need to go oveerseas at least twice next year to make up for the fact that I haven’t been able to makei t over there this year.

I wouldn’t mind owning a cat if the opportunity arises either.

aiseds from this I really think that I deserve a new computer and a new watch. I want to learn how to capitalise on the making of youtube videos and set up a prtoper ebgay account and maybe even if it a real thing create a blog and put advertisments on there so that I can generate additional income. I need to start really thinking outside the box when it comes to making money. maybe I should write a story about my bulmia. or my experience as a stripper .

on that note , maybe not next year but the year after I really feel thati need to travel around and experience being  a stripper in different scenarios in different locations.


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