looking for a boyfriend

Intelligent young woman in early twenties seeks boyfriend.

about me:

worked 4 yrs acroos various customer service jobs.currently a dancer/stripper one of the top 20% earners in my club.Appearance: short, petite, fit, strawberry blonde, 34c, European looking.high value on my appearance but generally dress like shit unless I have to be somewhere.spend all my spare time watching youtube, reading and shopping.applied for university next year.travel overseas once a year.like my space have a fear of relationships due to a control freak ex.recovering bulimarexic, likely to relapse.don’t want a baby for at least 10 years.

about you:

must be ok with everything above.

car,licence and job essential.

5’9-6’2. age 22-36.

should value fitness and health

reasonable confidence is healthy and preferable.

preferable ethnicity Caucasian or european or half Asian/ or part south east Asian or halfies. physical attractiveness/hotness is a bonus.


no Indians, no rangas, no muslims. no arrogant cunts. no poor people/ battlers. no beards. no hipsters. no control freaks. no religious devouts. no smokers. no alcoholics, no drug users. NO SHIT TALKERS. no uber hairy guys unless you wax. no metal heads. no band music players. no emo dudes. no man sluts, no sleaze balls. no fat guts,no one with emotional issues.

edited: no womanisers, no clingers, no guys who need looking after/ rescueing, no knights in shining armour who will invent problems that they are required to rescue me from, no grotty cheaters, no guys who think i’m easy, no one in jail or on bail, no one involved in gangs, no one who literally cant do housework (it fine if you don’t like too but you should know how), no  timewasters, no obsessive, no control freaks, no pushovers, no cat haters, no underagers, no selfish cunts, no one with no respect for me, no sticky noses, no one who think they can push and manipulate people ie me to get what they want. no liars. no one who expects me change mu life to suit them, unless you can adequately compensate me for it.oh NO ONE HWO EXPECTS ME TO GIVE UP MY GOALS AND MY LIFE JUST TO STAND BY AND WATCH THEM ACHIEVE THERES. I REPEAT, IF YOU THINK IM GIVING UP MY LIFE FOR YOU AND ARE LOOKING TO HOLD ME BACK SO YOU DONT FEEL INADEQUETE. LEAVE LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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