the worst night of my life

so last night was awful, and not even cuz I made no money- I made a little bit.

my regular showed up but he didn’t pa out til I sat with him for around 2 hours and then had to spill his drink so he would “finish it’ to which one of the bar staff caught me got mad and made me clean it up. I felt bad rather than cared about cleaning it up. I blew off one of the girls birthdays and everyone seems to tink I am a jerk- im not even friends with her.

my second dance was with a guy who kept asking to play downstairs and touch my ass no matter how many times I said no.

my third dance was fun except he ripped out one of my hair extensions and then I spent the rest of the night paranoid and worried

I had pulled a groin muscle earlier in the week and it was really playing up lasty night so I couldn’t really dance the greatest.

some indian fuck requested a 20 dollar dance despit having about 200 in his wallet.

the guy whjo hates me because I tried to pick up money on the bench which was apparently for someone else was watching me.

the guy who is banned from talking to me came in so I had to avoid that part of the room and another fucker who I hate because he is fat and annoying and cant speak English was following me around and I had to literally run away from him.

a guy trued to pick me up and I would have loved to go for it but not at 4 on Saturday morning after a long shit nuight at work and it sucked even more because iam getting so desperate for sex and he’s a good option and now he probably hates me.

then my friend would stop facebooking me til 6 in the morning.

there is no way in hell tonight can be as bad as last night, not to mention I fell short of my minimum goal by about 50 so now I have to make it up tonight and need to make at least 8 dances, no 9 dances to make sure I am on par, or if I wanna make up for yesterday I need to make11-12 dances and proper ones not the shitty 20 dollar ones.


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