How do i feel today

always n interesting question. i’m a little tired the im not going to bnge plan didn’t work out. I left work early just after 2am. I could have stayed and tried to make a little more but nah, I know I did the right thing. I mean I had a gross scott and I cannot understand their accents already for the life of me thinking he couls  pick me up, I had a group of four wogs who where incredibly sleazy and rude. had I been 19 I would have gone straight for it  since they where being nice to me unlike some of the other girls but I couldn’t be bothered. and I also had some gross middle eastern/ Indians who said they saw me kissing customers. I wasn’t, well last night anyway and offered me the lowest price dance, ok if im going to kiss you you have to atleast be attractive and respect the fact that im not actually allowed to do it and offer me better than the lowest price and he said if he was happy he would pass me onto his friends.i do get a lot of recommendations in that way normally but I couldn’t be bothered. especially having a couple of incidents the week before with Indians. its a lap dance don’t try and pull your pants down and say I said id touch you there you creep.

um  I feel a little sick because I just ate a huge home made coleslaw. tentative about tonight. I hate working on Thursday it always tires me out on the weekend. actually im angry as well being called up on the stage every fucking hour how am I supposed to make mponey especially when my “20 minute set” runs for at least 25mins. im proud of myself as well for working with such a crummy crowd to make a decent amount and walking away from shit instead of doing anything for the cash.


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